Buwan ng wika 2012

Buwan ng Wika is an occasion in which the Filipinos will celebrate the whole month for Filipino language, using Filipino language help a lot to have easy communications as Filipino has a lot of Dialect in Luzon in Pampanga they used panggasininsi, in Cebu they used Cebuano, from Leyte Region 8 or Visayas they used Waray-waray. Wearing Filipino Dress or Filipino attire worn by their ancestor’s costume is needed for this occasion too. Some are the Maria Clara for girls, Barong Tagalog for boys, Ifugao or Igorot, farmers costume, Muslim costume and Malong for girls and boys.

honeylen landisaMy costume for Buwan ng wika

This year mama decided to dress me in an Ifugao costume or Igorot style. She bought a black sweater and black stockings. She also let me borrow a brown long piece of cloth. She sewed me a yellow-gold cloth to fit my head, and 2 piece of peacock feather.

daisy barredo
Every afternoon when I go home from school mama let me try the costume and decide what may be added as props and accessories, and mama will also decide for my foot ware. On August 30, 2012 Thursday afternoon mama let me try all the props, accessories and the head dress. Mama said it was nice.

That next day we had our class in the morning and the Buwan ng Wika in the afternoon. When we had all noon break to prepare ourselves mama and I ate lunch first. Then I started changing. After I changed my clothes mama tied my hair and put my head dress. Then she started putting make-up on my face. It was near the time to assemble in the gym.

The Buwan ng wika in St. Louis school Don-Bosco

Just when I sat down on my chair near my friend Honeylen, our advisor called me to stay in front of the stage. I ask Miss. Marylou Orellana our grade 6-Zatti advisor why do I have to stay in front. She did not answer me because she was in a hurry. My partner and I sat down and he told me in his Muslim attire that there was a best in costume contest. I was shock that I was picked to be the contestant for my section.
After few minutes the program started the hosts were speaking Tagalog. I enjoyed the program. There were singing, dancing, and few speeches from the Filipino subject teachers. When the show was about to end the teacher on the stage called the elementary candidates then the primary. My partner Nick Vincent Cabatingan told me to hold his hand when going there so when the teacher called the Grade 6-zatti section Nick and I went to the stage proudly with our costume and our classmates cheered for us. That’s was so great feeling and I feel so happy being chosen and present my costume as I wear, my partner Nick and I was smiling gratefully.

Then we went down from the stage back to our seats. After few minutes the judges had their decision made. Nick and I were nervous if we were going to win. The teacher told the best in Filipino attire in the elementary, and then Nick was called as best in Filipino attire for boys. Then I was even more nervous if I was going to win and then my name was called and my hand were wet, but it was a great feeling because

I won in best in Filipino attire for girls but still I was very happy and also nervous in the same time so I have to calm myself and keep smiling so I will not be obvious. Then we went down and mama congratulates me. Then I went to the principal for the elementary pupils Mr. Joseph Wilmer Lasola and mama took picture of us. Then mama took picture of my advisor, friends, and my partner.

We went home happy and proud. Thou we were tired from the preparation for the Buwan ng wika  it was worth it.
Love daisy

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